by Aztec Manhattan

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"We're all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

Enjoy :D


released October 8, 2014

All instrumentation, songs and lyrics written/performed - Dathan Horridge
All mixing, mastering and a handful of difficult guitar sections - Will Glasby

Drums recorded at Snug Studios, Derby
Rest recorded at Castle Glasby



all rights reserved


Aztec Manhattan England, UK

Hiya :)
My name is Dathan and I write/perform music for many different reasons. One of them is it makes me happy and that's enough of a motive to experiment with it.
I avoid sticking to one genre/style/rhythm as there are countless patterns and mechanisms to recycle and create, so it seems only right that my music should sound like a drunken eskimo exploring the amazon with a bamboo flute.
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Track Name: Areo
Paling moonlight, Eyes in water,
Sailing through my random slaughter,
Flailing arms and tear-streaked smiles,
Trailing off in eighteen miles.

Getting back here, was the hardest,
Accidentally, reaped the Harvest,
Every hurdle you required,
Piled dry wood, on this fire.

Eagles emerge from volcanoes,
And every feather is singed by flames,
Surrender to the tornado,
Only the grass and the clouds remain

Even if it takes forever,
I’ll bandage up what I have caused,
People can always get better,
From the sanity that they’ve lost.

(We were supposed to grow ancient) It really did appear life-long
(Why couldn’t we have been patient) It was a mission to prolong.
(It’s a contract you stopped signing) I’m sure the shadows will agree,
(The best thing to do, is keep climbing) For the lifetime you will see
Track Name: Oracle
An open mind and tired eyes were always born to analyse,
collectively the televised lies, keep ya blind and civilized closed lids,
Terrified of those kids, working every slow shift. And you're bored?
No shit!

People get-in-the way of the never ending paradise,
Living-it-everyday with the understanding Cast aside.
Waking up-in-the-morning with blurry sight and panda eyes…
Save it till the weekend, get smashed and let the arrow fly!

It’s difficult to reconcile, when all we’ve got is,
‘Safe man I haven't seen ya, in a while, how ya been?’
We’re blinking at a screen as a means to intervene,
with a dream that became a timeshare nightmare.

Every single day can be explored, forgiveness is right there
and that’s because I care, if you end up on the floor…
Flow like a high-tide, and swim with a Samaritan.
Let today be the suicide of comparison

Why are we rushing to get old?
When the journey is perfect as it is
Try not to lose sight of what's happening
‘Cause this could be a moment that you'll miss

Yeah, some are angry at the world and those involved,
Depending on adrenaline to get the problem solved,
Pretending that the gravel that they walk upon is gold,
But it can't keep ‘em warm, as that element is cold.

What is a description? Does it tick the box?
Is there an addiction to tightening your locks?
These questions are rhetorical, the past can be historical,
So will you be my oracle and speak to me from here?

We concentrate on lotsa’ great ways to procrastinate,
Debating the best things to say, take or celebrate.
Should I really wait, for things to improve?
I guess it's never actually too late to move,

Into action, witness the reaction,
There is an attraction in creating a faction of belief.
We're the generation of borrowed lighters;
Believing in a theory that tomorrow's brighter.

(… and it is)

How will you wear your mask from now?
Where does this go when I return?
It may interest you to know it remains
Waiting for a visitor to learn

Why are the questions denied?
When the answers are crisp and crystal clear?
Try not remain in places you’ve been,
For you were always meant, to be here

Embrace the transition, Fuck the tradition!
Nobody does this wrong.
When you’re submerged, you'll return the love <3
… and if you don’t, CALM DOWN, it’s just a song.

There's definitely an undertone, of why we always wander home.
Are we ever sure of, where we're gonna be?
Shackled to a metal brick, how we gonna settle if,
A tiny little screen is all we ever see?

I hesitate to speak freely, almost like I'm scared of it,
I concentrate on who it really, damages or benefits.
But the truth is bulletproof, breaking through the solitude,
It wants you to know, to flourish and grow.
To nourish the slow-acting avenues, you could take a detour,
climb atop a see saw, do a back flip until you're laughing on the green floor. Nobody really needs more…

I think it’s time to detonate a plan that we should celebrate,
the fact that we can meditate and marvel at the sun!
I need a keg of listerine to clean out all the nicotine
that's resonating in between the hedges of my lung.

A screen to keep me occupied, celebrities to fantasise,
electrifying alcohol to satisfy the young.
Afternoon wakers, the morning forsakes us,
we embrace the flavours, through papers and vapours

What will bring you back to where you are?
Who is the one pulling the strings?
Surely this is outside your control.
So just enjoy the essence that it brings

The rain will fall from above,
The trees will soar into the sky,
Blind and numb to a world that complains,
With hardly anybody asking why?


(Genuinely, I'm asking.)
Track Name: Vague
Stuck in the clouds, seasons are turning,
everything's loud, my senses are burning,
in a good way, like when we were getting laid.

Remember the nerves? Does it matter?
Hoping to serve, yourself on a platter,
Cause it makes sense to see, that everything is vague.

I am Shedding, and reborn, All of the shoes I've never worn
I am heading up the stairs, for I'm tired,
I will stare in the caverns of your hair

Dangling legs dancing madly,
All in your head, you're doing it gladly,
See, You're far away, from every written stage.

Forget the script, not important,
Inside the crypt, you're only an orphan,
So light a match, cause everything is vague!

We are the worst, in construction.
You'll be the first, in your production.
If you don't attempt than your day's already made.

Shimmering hips, walls are climbing,
Blissful eclipse, when your eyes are shining.
Let us climb inside this boundary-riddled cave.

I am Shedding, and reborn, my toes are treading on the lawn.
I am heading up the stairs, for I’m tired, but not scared,
I desire to sleep there.

When i am yours, words are mentioned
Bury your claws and relieve the tension,
Away from the projecting, and the texting,
There can be no charade...

When you are mine, I keep smiling,
Don't you just find, that all of this cycling,
Has just reinforced that everything is vague
Track Name: Celestial
"And just remember, everything you are.
It's more important to realise the negative space, as music is only the division of space, it is the space we are listening to, divided as such, which gives us the information, in comparison to something other, and gives us the idea of what the idea that wants to be transmitted, wants to be."
- Reggie Watts

Track Name: Cemetery
I chisel grains of sand to see again,
climbing down from thirsty wood.
I stumble down a woolen waterfall,
Illuminated like it should.

So when I venture into what has been,
where can I actually say I am?
For that shall be another way to wake me up,
it's always part of the plan.

The painted man invites me to the home,
where the fire meets each guest.
A cheery guy is changing frequencies
most of the sounds here are the best.

So when I venture into what has been,
where can i actually say I am?
For most events are never planned, they just occur,
Similar to how we began
(How we began!)

Scorpion tail
(Is it out? I can’t see… Get it out!)
I can’t help!
(You have the tools to remove it!)

Yes… but don’t you see the tail, is impaling you.

There will be demons that will circle you,
because there will always be fear,
But see them as blessings in disguise,
and what was vague will become clear.

Life is not a bed of roses, and if it were
You'd still discover thorns
Every night you occupy your mind with dreams,
You die to be reborn.

Whether you're awake to see,
every day begins with an orange dawn.
And just to throw it in, I have faith in you;
We climbed out from… the… (Storm)


Sitting in the cemetery,
of the issues I have buried
Flip a coin, ‘cause I'm now very
Sure that this will end.

Now I'm scared of February,
Pour the moon a glass of sherry
He has not felt quite so merry,
since he was condemned

Passing days are temporary,
Challenges, there will be many.
Rise above the cold and scary,
This i recommend

Are my actions Legendary?
I'm not sure if I am ready…
Sitting in the cemetery…
Time for this to end.
Track Name: Lavender
Fetch me all the Lavender that you can find.
Collapsed on the carpet
I want to meet the Travellers, it’s divine.
My cheeks are turning scarlet.

Tear the flaking Calendar, from the wall
Strip away its power.
Every trip’s spectacular, but I won’t fall
I could do with a shower!
Track Name: Psilocybin
The waving floor is sliding?
As if it were saying hello.
It will keep reminding,
What was once green, has now become yellow.

It can feel inspiring,
But what the hell is this?
Every breath is firing,
Into the abyss, of organic bliss

I may have had charisma,
But it’s fell straight into the enigma

We’re flying, through the lightning,
Our eyes are in, the clearest spectrum they’ve ever been
It’s blinding, is it frightening? (no)
Smile and sing, not everything’s a sin

I may be dissolving,
My soul has flown to Saturn
All my fears resolving,
with a new pattern, tunneling inside

Make way for the answers,
Cause this room is spacious
But you must have gathered,
To speak is courageous, absorb the Oasis

Don’t feed the sceptical,
Because this all begun with something edible

It’s shining, and brightening,
We’re guiding each other through the strangeness that we’re in
It’s exciting, and enlightening,
This is heightening, and every sense feels paper thin

We’re gliding and admiring,
All the writing, is crawling off the page
No denying, just unwinding.
Psilocybin, is the dawning of an age
Track Name: Spleverything
"If there is some mental noise, or some energetic noise, let it simply be there. Don’t touch, it is not greater than you, nothing can overwhelm you, nothing can overwhelm you.
Nothing can extend beyond you, you are the space in which all tings manifest and play, you are the awareness of them.
You can never be a casualty of what you perceive.
Know this deep inside your being."

- Mooji